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Karen Sedlar

CEO & Founder

Karen Sedlar, the founder of Journeys Concierge Travel, completed her Travel Advisor Certification in 2020.  Karen had been a technology sales professional for more than 30 years.  Her career focused on managing customers through sales, implementations, project management, and building strategic alliances.  Corporate and pleasure travel throughout her career led her to several places across the globe.  She believes that everyone should find the balance between working and taking time for oneself and family.  Having vacationed frequently with both her friends and family, she met her husband of 30 years on a trip to Mazatlán, Mexico in 1991!  Karen and her family have traveled throughout the US and Canada, Europe, several Caribbean islands, and have sailed with many different cruise lines.  

The islands of the Caribbean are a particular favorite, especially Aruba where she has visited more than 20 times.  Karen and her family have also been to Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, St. Thomas, the US and British Virgin Islands, Antigua, Grand Cayman, and several places in Mexico.  Florida is also a family favorite, as well as cruising.  

Karen has lived on both the East and West Coasts.  She grew up in Massachusetts, where she attended high school and college.  Following her college graduation, she relocated to British Columbia where she began her career in technology.  She and her husband moved back to the East Coast, settling in New Hampshire in 1995.  They have two beautiful children - Chelsea and Regan.  

In the corporate world, Karen has always been efficient at sales and cultivating customer relationships.  In addition, she spends a considerable amount of time volunteering in her local community.  These skills have paved the way as she transitions her career to a travel advisor.  Let Karen help make your vacation dreams a reality.  She will create the perfect getaways for you and help manage all the details.

Journeys Concierge Travel specializes in planning couples and family vacations, group trips, and even destination weddings!

“Life is Meant for Great Journeys”

Affiliate of Travel Planners International

Journeys Concierge Travel is an affiliate of Travel Planners International based in Maitland, FL.  This affiliation provides us with preferred supplier relationships so we can offer our customers competitive pricing and more.  In addition, on-going and new educational opportunities are available continuously.  By staying current on the constant changes and new opportunities available for travel, provides our customers with countless destination options!